To Be Responsible For

The Water We Use

So little is required of us - to stop running water while brushing our teeth or soaping our hands. There are many ways to store this valuable resource and they all depend on us! At the same time, this has a huge impact on tackling the global problem.

Energy Efficiency

When we use electricity in vain, we are actually influencing climate change. It is enough to turn off the TV when we are not watching; do not leave chargers plugged in, also let the lamps light up in vain. When we use electricity wisely, we help the sustainable attitude towards nature, and we also save money from our electricity bills.

The Clothes We Buy

The resource needed to produce a garment is extremely large. Thousands of liters of water, a lot of energy and the use of non-renewable sources are needed for a pair of jeans ... and the worst news for the planet is when we throw away clothes. Let's think more often if we really need a garment before we buy it; recycle or donate our old clothes, even sell them; to give a chance to worn clothes. Most fashion brands are starting to think about the future by choosing organic, recycled materials to make their clothes.

These are small but necessary steps for the future of planet Earth. There are many more actions we can take or limit to protect the environment. Let's think and act eco-friendly!