1. The world is getting warmer. 2016 was the hottest year on record since 1880. It will continue to rise as much as 6 degrees by 2100.
  2. Arctic sea ice is shrinking - in 2017 it reached a record low. Sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2000 years.
  3. Over consumption - the US, UK, China, Germany and Japan already use more than double the amount of resources they produce
  4. Global flooding will likely triple by 2030. We see it now with Hurricane Harvey, Irma and in South Asia.
  5. The ocean is more acidic now than in the past 300,000 years 
  6. Animals and plants are being forced to migrate due to earth's heat. Extinctions come next.
  7. 18% of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy production. Cutting down on meat and dairy can save the planet!