How to Store Shampoo Bars

This guide to storing shampoo bars will help you get the most out of your shampoo bar. Since shampoo bars do not come in a protective container, storing them correctly is important to preserve the life of the bars. With so many people using shampoo bars for eco-friendly and hair health reasons, it’s important to know how to care for your bars.


Using Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars require some basic care to keep them working well and lasting longer for you. When you use your shampoo bar, a few swipes of the bar on the roots of your hair should be enough since the shampoo is concentrated. When you’re done with the shampoo bar, place it in a cool, dry place so it can drain and dry. Storing shampoo bars in a dry place is important to protect the bar and prevent it from becoming mushy and getting bacteria buildup.


Best Options for Storing Shampoo Bars


If you’re wondering how to store your shampoo bar, these are the best options for protecting your shampoo bar:


  • Soap Dish. Choose a soap dish that has ridges at the bottom to allow your soap to drain. Dishes that have built in drains are the best to allow airflow to circulate so your shampoo bar can fully dry out between uses.


  • Bag. A soap bag is another great option for storing shampoo bars. A soap saver bag will allow your soap to dry on all sides and get good airflow. Soap saver bags come in mesh materials that allow air to reach your shampoo bar, preventing bacteria from building up due to moisture. When you hang your soap bag, make sure it is not in direct sunlight as this could melt your shampoo bar.


  • A dry shelf is a good place for storing shampoo bars. When looking for shelves, choose a draining shelf that’s designed for soap so that your wet shampoo bar won’t be sitting in a puddle when you store it. Shelves that have slats that allow air to flow through them are perfect for shampoo bars.


  • And last but not least, you can make your own shampoo bar storage by using materials you already have. Create your own shelf with wood, outfit an old soap dish with a new drainage system, or make a mesh soap bag for your bar. Just keep in mind that drainage is important when storing shampoo bars so make sure your shampoo bar can dry out completely between uses.


Tips for Storing Shampoo Bars


Keep these tips in mind to preserve your shampoo bar and you’ll enjoy many washes to come with it:


  • Keep shampoo bars away from the shower and moisture. It’s tempting to just leave your shampoo bar in the shower but this will make it nearly impossible to dry completely between uses and will allow bacteria to build up on the bar.
  • Store your shampoo bar in a cool, dry place, away from the sun. The sun’s rays can melt your bar, making its shelf life much shorter.


If you follow these tips to store your shampoo bar, you will be able to make your bar last longer and stay in great shape. When a shampoo bar stays wet, bacteria can build up and some of the bar will break down, becoming very mushy and unusable. If you store your shampoo bar well, you will be able to enjoy 6 to 8 months with your bar (with some variation based on how frequently you shampoo and how much you use). Knowing how to store your shampoo bar will help you get the best results for your hair for many washes to come.